TERRA 4D Version 2.8

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April 8 | Zürich, Switzerland

New features and enhancements:

FAST Systems, a pioneer in the field of digital security and surveillance technologies, today announced general availability of its geo-referenced security and safety management platform TERRA 4D v2.8. The release includes many performance and key feature enhancements for large-scale and mission critical deployments of TERRA 4D  for integrated, situation management and visualization solutions.

Mobile App with Incident Reports
Interactive incident reports are now also available inside the mobile apps on Android and iOS devices. Either automatically or delegated by the operator in command and control center the incident will be shown in the pending list on the mobile device. The interactive incident can be filled directly on the mobile app and send back to command and control.

New Server for Mobile App
The server for the mobile apps has been changed to a more secured platform using container technology (Docker). So image files can be easily installed on platform providers (for example amazon AWS or Google). With that it becomes much more convinient to install the server in data centers or on hosted platforms favoured by our partners.

A new device to plan one-shot or recurring tasks has been added. This way it is possible to define for example maintenance cycles for integrated sub-system devices or other tasks which need to be executed by users of the system. When the task is due it goes to the pending list of the user either in Viewer (thick client) or in the mobile app.

User Interface Design
New icon sets for all tool buttons in all user interfaces for more intuitive operations and less distraction. Also the theme was updated which includes button styles, list styles and several other GUI elements.

Device Type Layers

It is now possible to configure layers for device types. Toggeling these layers in the Viewer will hide or show the device type avatars in the 3D GIS view. This works for all device types (like cameras, IO devices, tracking devices, etc.) and can be controlled like all other layers.

Integration of Subsystems
Amongst many new integrations in TERRA 4D v2.8 - a few highlights:

  • Facial Recognition (three new vendors)
  • Waste Management
  • Crowd Analysis

It is now also possible to import all devices of a sub-system directly at the sub-system plugin configuration page in the Configurator. This saves a lot of time for configuration and avoids configuration differences between TERRA 4D and the sub-system.

SDK Plug-in
The plug-in infrastructure has been extended. More functionality was added and more sample plug-ins are available. It becomes now quite easy to integrate for example a sub-system through a third party by just adding a few lines of Python script code.

User Management
Finer granularity for user rights and more rights are available. It is now possible to create not only black and white lists for all device types but also for devices in a category or in a indoor entity. This way by just adding a device (e.g. camera) to a building you are applying the rights of this building also to the device. The effective device access list is shown for each user in the configurator to provide a better overview.

“In total TERRA 4D v2.8 represents over 1.5 years’ worth of development effort that has delivered an outstanding product that contains major new functional areas addressing the increasing business challenges and objectives encountered by users in command and control centers every day”, says Carsten Tschritter, Chief Technology Officer. "We continue to invest heavily in developing the features that make the world smarter, more connected and safer than ever before."

TERRA 4D v2.8 is now available to all partners and clients. Clients under service contract will receive this update as part of the FAST Systems maintenance program.

For more information or to book a demonstration of TERRA 4D v2.8, please email


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