TERRA 4D Version 2.7

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May 30 | Cham, Switzerland

New features and enhancements:

FAST Protect, a pioneer in the field of digital security and surveillance technologies, today announced general availability of its geo-referenced security and safety management platform TERRA 4D v2.7. Key enhancements include more features in the TERRA 4D Tracker apps, new Reporting and Dashboard modules and further integration of new subsystems.

Enhanced Tracker App
The Tracker app (available for iOS and Android) got new features to enhance the interaction between field forces and operators in Command & Control Centres. Field forces and operators can now exchange images in real-time within the messaging chain. It is also possible to send a situation image from the Command & Control Centre to the Tracker app.

Reporting Module

Providing reports about incidents, the status of the system and upcoming maintenance tasks is essential for any sophisticated security system. TERRA 4D v2.7 introduces the new Reporting module to generate and distribute regular reports to key stakeholders, e.g. as pdf document via email. Those reports can be freely configured and contain various kind of information (number and type of incidents, state-of-health, user activity etc.).

Dashboard Module
FAST Protect has developed a new Dashboard module that presents a high level overview of all system elements in configurable and individual layouts based on panes. These user depended layouts provide a quick summary of the system / operator performances and incident statistics. Dashboards are based on HTML5 / Java Scripts and run on tablets and smart phones as well.

Integration of new Subsystems
FAST Protect has established a close partnership with digivod gmbh - see Today, digivod is one of the most popular video management solutions in Germany and abroad. TERRA 4D v2.7 includes the latest release of digivod's VMS together with TechnoAware VA. FAST Protect installations with digivod VMS will protect critical infrastructures, safe cities, public transport and football stadiums. The 1st critical infrastructure project with TERRA 4D and digivod's VMS will go live next month. Please contact the FAST Protect team to learn more about this new reference site.
Release v2.7 of TERRA 4D also supports Envitech Ltd. environmental sensors. Envitech is a global leading company that design, development manufacturing and establishment environmental, meteorological and hydrological monitoring systems in various areas, like temperature, air quality and wind monitoring. Always expanding its echo system of partners in different areas, FAST Protect has integrated Envitech's sensors, to include real-time environmental data as another input for TERRA 4D's Rules Engine.
DNA-Tracker, dedicated to design individual security and public safety solutions up large-scale monitoring and tracking solutions in the field of lawful interception. With the release of TERRA 4D v2.7, DNA-Tracker devices are fully supported to offer visualisation and correlation of meta data in lawful interception projects. 
With TERRA 4D v2.7 the integration of IPS Video Manager has been upgraded to 7.0. This includes the latest IPS Video Intelligence Analytics. IPS is a German manufacturer of sophisticated video products. Since the acquisition by Securiton GmbH in 2006, IPS has been managed as an independent business unit. In recent years, IPS has been developing its latest generation of IP-based software solutions for video analytics and management.
TERRA 4D v2.7 is now available to all partners and clients. All FAST Protect partners will be invited to a dedicated webinar and are able to install this update. Clients under service contract will receive this update as part of the FAST Protect maintenance program.

For more information about TERRA 4D v2.7 please contact the FAST Protect team.

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