TERRA 4D Version 2.6

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Nov 29 | Friedrichshafen, Germany

New features and enhancements:

New Features:

1) Resource Management

  • Interventions
  • Resource Management
  • TERRA 4D Tracker App
  • Messenger

2) Other Features

  • Incident History
  • Layout Management
  • Specific User Startup Layout for Viewer
  • Open "Fullscreen" Video Button Viewer
  • Open "Fullscreen" View if no other View Area is available
  • Dynamic Video Window Button bundled
  • Device Tree Enhancements
  • Faster PTZ Tracking Mode switching and force PTZ Tracking on specific Object
  • Automatic Camera Placement
  • Device Grid Export as HTML
  • Enhanced Device Selection Combo Box
  • Sensor Platform
  • I/O Devices
  • Improved Device Navigation
  • Get GIS Image of Camera View by Script
  • Improved High Level Scripting
  • New High Level Script Functions
  • Define PTZ Capabilities of Camera
  • Enable/disable Checkbox added in Context Menu
  • Resource File Dialog with File Preview
  • Filter Device Grid by GIS Sight
  • License Page
  • Accuracy Options for Avatar and Tracking Device
  • Integration of numerous Subsystems


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