FAST Systems announce the availability of Nelysis´s Vanguard Cyber Security Solution

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May 10 | Zürich, Switzerland

FAST Systems announce the availability of Nelysis´s Vanguard cyber security solution within the TERRA 4D platform due to continuously increasing risks of cyber threats in IP networks. The areas of engagement include full integration of Vanguard’s capabilities to detect and prevent threats in physical security networks and offering tools for automatic crisis responses and deep investigations of sophisticated cyber-attacks.

“In today’s all-connected world there’s a strong need to enhance the capabilities to prevent, detect and respond to malicious activities in cyberspace“, said Carsten Tschritter, Chief Technology Officer of FAST Systems. “We decided to introduce the Nelysis´s Vanguard cyber security solution to our TERRA 4D platform in order use relevant good practices and offer additional protection concerning cyber threats."

The partnership with Nelysis security is in-line with FAST Systems’s strategy to offer the latest technological innovations to its partners and clients. Cyber threats continue to become a more important risk for corporations, governments and individuals every year. It’s essential and a key priority to work together for all kind of cyber aspects and building resilience in client’s IP networks.

“Nelysis is glad to announce today the new technology partnership with  FAST Systems , a world leader of PSIM solutions based on multi-sensor geospatial fusion approach. Our Vanguard cyber security platform is in perfect synergy with the TERRA 4D of FAST Systems, and will deliver to our partners a total shield of security, where the physical and cyber-attacks are monitored and properly displayed on a state of the art 3D PSIM solution.“, said Emanuele Novello, Sales Director of Nelysis Europe SRL.

FAST Systems is a pioneer in the field of digital security and surveillance technologies and is revolutionizing the way organizations and governments protect people, property and assets. The core R&D team of FAST comprises the combined experience of over 100 man-years and 300 000 installed video channels in over 15 000 installations worldwide. The total of integrated data points sums up to more than 5 Mio. and while the largest installation has more than 10 000 cameras.

Nelysis is a global leader of cyber security solutions for Physical Security and Control Systems networks. Nelysis offers innovative solutions, a critical layer of cyber security, to protect network infrastructure and assets. Nelysis’s Vanguard solution provides a complete solution to reduce risk created by external and insider attackers
while minimizing operational downtime.

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