FAST Protect AG joining the Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) Program

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Nov 30 | Cham, Switzerland

FAST Protect, a pioneer in the field of digital security and surveillance technologies, today announced joining the Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) Program. This partnership benefits the industry with one of the sophisticated Software Integration and Management Platforms within the Axis Partner Network, offering users superior situational awareness in a virtual 3D environment for any surveillance systems and achieve better security and operational management.

 “FAST Protect is excited to work very closely with Axis and offer fully optimized integration of Axis products within its TERRA 4D solution” said Carsten Tschritter, FAST Protect's CTO. “We are highly impressed with Axis’s technology, and its ADP Partner program. Being part of the ADP Partner program will enable the FAST Protect team to deliver a perfect integration of Axis products and applications that all customers of advanced security and surveillance systems will benefit from.”

FAST Protect’s PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) and ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) solution TERRA 4D provides organizations an integrated geospatial command and control centre solution that significantly accelerate response, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs in every phase of the situational management lifecycle. FAST Protect can now offer users all the benefits of Axis’s ADP Program within its open Software Integration and Management Platform TERRA 4D.

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