FAST Protect AG and PROFIcomms s.r.o. announce Strategic Partnership

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Sep 8 | Cham, Switzerland

FAST Protect AG and PROFIcomms s.r.o. today announced the strategic partnership to bring the Security and Information Management Platform “TERRA 4D” to Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.
FAST Protect’s TERRA 4D Management Platform is an integrated geospatial command and control centre solution that provides tools that significantly accelerate response, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs in every phase of the situational management lifecycle.
The demand of Security & Integration Management Software is growing significantly as more governments and companies are looking to combine various IP sensors and data bases into one security system to increase efficiency and to lower investment & operational costs. This trend toward integration of different subsystems by an open Management Software – where situational awareness is one of the key advantages in TERRA 4D - benefits governmental institutions and companies by providing higher flexibility for 3rd party integrations, better customisation capabilities, more features, protecting previous investments by offering fast and high innovations.
The partnership with PROFIcomms allows FAST Protect to quickly tailor the TERRA 4D Management Platform according to specific customer requirements in both markets.  
The CEO of PROFIcomms s.r.o. Mr. Petr Nesvadba said: “We are very glad that thanks to the great TERRA 4D application from FAST Protect we have succeeded in supplement of security solutions offered by our company and at the same time we can offer integration platform PSIM and ISTAR to our customers in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.”

„We are very proud to announce the partnership with PROFIcomms s.r.o. in order to bring our Software Management Platform TERRA 4D to Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. PROFIcomms’ long term history and deep knowledge of the local markets will enable the FAST Protect team to offer industry leading command and control centre solutions to their clients.” said Mr. René Müller, CEO of FAST Protect AG.

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