FAST Protect AG and CopterSystems announce Strategic Partnership

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Oct 26 | Cham, Switzerland

FAST Protect AG and CopterSystems GmbH announced their strategic partnership today.

As a pioneer in field of digital security and surveillance technologies FAST Protect has integrated many different sensors and databases into their open SW management platform TERRA 4D during the last 7 years. In 2009 FAST Protect started the development of TERRA 4D, one year later the team successfully installed the 1st security solution based on TERRA 4D at the Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium. CopterSystems started their business in 2012 and gathered intensive experiences in intelligent aerial platforms during many international projects. This partnership will strengthen both FAST Protect’s and CopterSystem’s position in the security and surveillance industry by establishing a long-term cooperation between the two companies and meet demands for advanced and flexible security systems incl. UAVs and an expandable, geo-referenced SW management platform.

“The cooperation between both companies will lead to sophisticated and leading security applications combining the advantages of highly flexible UAV platforms and the open SW management platform TERRA 4D. The close link will be beneficial for both firms to offer highly advanced, multi-sensors integrated in complementary UAV platforms super-managed by TERRA 4D. CopterSystems and FAST Protect will create new tools and solutions to improve situational awareness that are requested by demanding customers all over the world″, said Carsten Tschritter, CTO of FAST Protect.

“The cooperation with FAST Protect and their open platform TERRA 4D will enable us to integrate UAVs as significant high-value component in holistic security solutions. By combining outstanding technologies command and control centres will gain superior situation awareness during critical operations in real time. We are very happy to work with the highly motivated team of FAST Protect who drives digital security and surveillance projects worldwide.” Roman Paulus, CEO of CopterSystems, stated.

FAST Protect is a pioneer in the field of digital security and surveillance technologies and is revolutionizing the way organizations and governments protect people, property and assets. The core R&D team comprises the combined experience of over 100 man-years and 110 000 installed video channels in over 12 000 installations worldwide. FAST Protect has extensive experience in designing, implementing and maintaining large-scale security, public safety and industrial projects. Their innovative solutions protect cities, nations, borders and private concerns from internal and external threats, enabling our customers to manage complex challenges in a cost-effective manner.

CopterSystems GmbH is based in Merzig, Germany, and was founded in 2012 by Roman Paulus. The team has gathered intensive experience with developing intelligent aerial platforms over the last 5 years. As a manufacturer of custom made UAVs , CopterSystems did projects and service tasks in different business areas around the world like USA, Brazil, Jordan, China, India, Bulgaria, Romania, Iceland, UAE, GB and many more have been successfully proven in practice and lead to the newest generation of UAVs.

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